Slenderman’s Shadow “Sanatorium” Map Released

Inspired by Mark J. Hadley, creator of the original Slender—a first-person horror game based on the creepypasta myth fabricated on Something Awful—Marc Steene and Wray Burgess bring us Slenderman’s Shadow. It’s largely the same game except for stuff like new sounds, new environments and tweaked AI.

The original game is a simple but oh so effective concept: collect 8 creepy notes without letting the Slender Man get too close to you. Of course, the scary part is that you never know when and where he’s going to be when you turn around.

The new Sanatorium map, which is now available for Windows download from Burgess and Steene, ups the ante by sticking you in a winding, labyrinthine abandoned asylum.

Download Slenderman’s Shadow  now (Sanatorium has now entered version 1.4) for a bowl-shakingly spooky experience (, and look out for more maps coming down the pipeline for this fall.

Via: Indie Games