Black Ops 2 Attachment Descriptions and Stat Modifiers Outed

While this week has been very, very good for Black Ops II multiplayer fans, we're not done just yet. Courtesy of Reddit, we now have a pic of the game's attachments, their descriptions and stat modifiers.

It's important to note that before perusing the image, Black Ops II is still in development. So there's a chance that some of the stats seen here will change when the final version of the game ships. In addition to that, the list is not complete, so don't whine if they seem a bit limited.

The new stuff here is obviously the millimeter Scanner and the Target Finder. People are particularly worried that the millimeter scanner works like a "mini wallhack" that might be abused eventually. Aside from that, the target finder eerily sounds like the "spotting" mechanic in Call of Duty's most fiercest rival — the Battlefield series. 

My main concern here is, why would people choose the Red Dot Sight when the Millimeter Scanner works way, way better? Hopefully, Treyarch kept that in mind so we don't see all the people rocking the same loadout, no?

So, what info do you want from Black Ops II's multiplayer that hasn't been revealed yet? I'm guessing with the way Treyarch has been disseminating info, we'll know soon enough when the game hits on November 13 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.