Halo 4 Specialization Emblems Revealed

halo 4 specialization emblem

As we reported yesterday, Halo 4's multiplayer modes are set to receive the addition of a new feature called Specializations. Specializations will allow players to create focused play styles with the addition of combat perks.

These Specializations (full list) serve to extend multiplayer progress by ten additional levels each and afford players with an additional selection of armor and weapon customization.

The game's eight announced Specializations include Wetworks, Pioneer, Engineer, Tracker, Rogue, Stalker, Pathfinder, and Operator. It's unknown at this point in time whether 343 Industries plans to add more Specializations in future releases, but we wouldn't rule it out.

Each specialization has its own set of bonuses, all of which have been detailed here.

Here's what their emblems will look like in-game.

halo 4 specialization emblem

Halo 4 is set for release on November 6. The game is exclusive to the Xbox 360.