Latest Mafia III Content Patch Tears up the Streets of New Bordeaux

Action-adventure game Mafia III has just received a free update which will enable players to compete in races, customise their cars and rock some cool new outfits. 2K and Hangar 13 made the announcement on their website, which details the car customisation process and race benefits.

Heavily requested by fans, car customisation will apply to up to 10 vehicles including 6 earned through playing Mafia III, 3 cars through Family Kick-Back and one final unlockable 10th vehicle. To customise their car, players need to visit any Big Rick’s Garage around New Bordeaux. From there, they can choose from a massive selection of decals, exhausts, spoilers, superchargers and wheels, which translates to 50 unique customisations.

Car races provide the chance to unlock customisations, so long as you place in the top spots. There is a total of 12 playable races, half of which are circuit lap races, and the other half point-to-point races. Races become available after the first sit-down with the three lieutenants.

Mafia III released back in October. It stars Lincoln Clay, an orphan whose adoptive parents were “wiped out by the Italian Mafia”.