Visuals, Bosses & Story for Upcoming PS4 title Malicious Fallen Revealed

PS4 Exclusive Malicious Fallen, which hails from the same universe as Alvion’s fantasy action games Malicious and Malicious Rebirth, has received some fresh screenshots and gameplay footage in the lead up to its release.

Malicious first released in 2012 on PS3 for US and European audiences. Malicious Fallen will be the final chapter in the Malicious series, covering the events following Malicious Rebirth. Unlike many action/RPG games, Malicious Fallen does not adhere to any set stage order; players can take on their favourite stages when they choose, each of which comes with a boss battle and smaller minions.

According to a post on Gematsu, development on the game is 85% complete. Developer Alvion has published some key information about the game’s background story, 3D action and additional new chapters that will be included:

Back Story

The terrible Malicious is about to return and as the Slayer you have been summoned by the Prophets to battle it. You must defeat the former chosen of the prophets, the Mad Queen and her servants, to obtain the strength and power needed to defeat the Malicious.

Player Character

Your soul has been summoned to this world as the Slayer and given form in the shape of a Spirit Vessel to defeat the terrible Malicious. Pale light radiates from you and an air of etherealness surrounds you. Although it appears human, it is a container and nothing more.

High-Speed Action

As a weapon, the player uses a mantle called the “Cloak of Ashes” that changes into various forms. High-speed action with a versatile mantle that can change over and over to do offense, defense, and even transportation!

Three-Dimensional Action

Not only can you freely move across walls and ceilings without any special controls, by freely using jump actions and flight actions up to six levels, you can move freely within the space of the stage. With the concept of “height” in mind, Malicious Fallen realizes open and three-dimensional action.


We’ve further evolved the soft, fantastic, painting-like visuals of the well-reviewed previous titles. The more beautiful and detailed visuals invite you even further into the world of Malicious.

PS4 Version’s New Chapter: “Demise”

The “Demise” chapter is the final chapter of the series, where you’ll ascertain Malicious’ demise! This new chapter is set after the end of Malicious Rebirth. Bosses with special powers and never before seen might will attack the player one after the other. The final battle over the calamity begins now, surpassing all of those that came before it.

Malicious Fallen is slated to release on PS4 in 2017 for Japanese audiences. There is no word on a Western release date just yet. Interested players can watch the trailer here.