Catch Some Waves With the Authentic and Arcade-like Surf World Series

Climax Studios recently unveiled its upcoming extreme sports game Surf World Series, which will take players around the world through monster waves and treacherous tubes.

Spanning the world’s most famous surfing locations, including Bells Beach, Australia and Hawaii’s Waimea Bay, Surf World Series aims to “capture the vibes” of what makes surf culture unique. The gameplay will focus on pulling off original stunts and tricks, testing your skills in singleplayer challenges, and competing against other surfers in three different online multiplayer competitions.

Additionally, Climax Studios has promised to make the game feel as authentic as possible, right down to the behaviour of the waves themselves:

“The wave system in Surf World Series was custom built to not only create a wave that looks and feels stellar, but also to have the swell behave as naturally as possible. You’ll feel the current pull against your board as you battle to stay balanced, stick the landing on massive aerials and ride out the heaviest waves. Without your toes on the sand, it doesn’t get much closer to the authentic surf experience than this.”

Surf World Series is expected to launch for PC, Xbox One and PS4 in 2017.