New Horizon: Zero Dawn Video Showcases Protagonist Aloy

Horizon: Zero Dawn is the upcoming PS4 exclusive from Guerilla Games, the developers behind the well known Killzone franchise. This time around the guys and gals over there went the totally different direction with their next game.

First off, the game is a third-person action-adventure title. In addition to that major change, this game is set so far into the future that civilization is going back to the beginning — essentially restarting humanity.

The dev diary focuses on the main character, Aloy. Guerilla Games studio co-founder and Managing Director Hermen Hulst, says that they are happy the way their vision is turning out for their next icon character.

Check out the new video down below:

“It never was our goal or intention – it was a happy coincidence!” says studio co-founder and Managing Director Hermen Hulst. “We just wanted to make a great character for the game. “The creation of Aloy was relatively constant. Of course, you always develop and iterate as you go along, but we decided she’d be a young red-headed female from day one.”

“We didn’t want this typical hulking dude, but an agile person who wouldn’t necessarily be able to hold her ground against the sheer gun power of these Machines, but is able to outsmart them. We’re really happy with our choice.”

“We wanted somebody who was very curious, intelligent and takes in this wondrous world full of mystery to unravel,” explains Herman. “And she can be fierce. We didn’t want a Disney type princess.”

Horizon: Zero Dawn will be released for PS4 and PS4 Pro on February 28 in North America and March 1 in Europe and the UK.