Akuma Will Soon Be Playable In Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V fans will be able to get their hands on Akuma, the game’s newest character, by December 20. An official announcement on Capcom’s blog reveals that he will be the first DLC character for Season 2.


Akuma has been a key figure in the Street Fighter series since his debut in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, where he was unveiled as a secret character. The post claims that while Akuma’s appearance is “burlier than previous games”, he can still unleash devastating combos with quick footwork. A detailed breakdown of his V-Skill, V-Trigger and Critical Arts is available on the blog entry.

Capcom has previously stated that it intends to support Street Fighter V until 2020, and hopes that the game will cement its place in the eSports arena.

You can purchase Akuma along with the character pass also releasing on December 20 for $29.99USD. The character pass grants you access to the 5 new characters as they release through 2017, and also comes with Premium Battle Costumes, and an exclusive PS4 theme.