Yacht Club Games Announce Shovel Knight Prequel Specter of Torment

Last night at The Game Awards, Yacht Club Games followed through with their tease and announced a prequel to Shovel Knight. Titled as the Specter of Torment, players will get a chance to see a prequel story of Shovel Knight.

However, the game won’t is centered around Shovel Knight, but rather his big enemy — Specter Knight. Players will get to see how the Specter sets up the Order of No Quarter, the villainous group in Shovel Knight. Check out the trailer down below.

There is still quite some time for the prequel to release, but if players want to get their Shovel Knight fix, they might want to try Plague of Shadows which is entirely free to download. It serves as a DLC expansion for the main Shovel Knight game.

As of now, Yacht Club Games are aiming for a Spring 2017 release date.