New Battlefield 1 Custom Game Mode is for Scouts and Medics

Battlefield 1 is getting a brand new game mode called “Line of Sight”, in which Scouts and Medics will be the only playable classes. Developer DICE made the announcement on their website earlier today, revealing that Scouts would be “more lethal than ever” with double bullet damage.


In turn, medics are required to make use of their arsenal with utmost precision to achieve a balanced team.

The announcement follows the conclusion of Battlefest, last week’s timed event which allowed Battlefield 1 players to earn rewards like unique dog tags, PTFO weapon skin, and a limited-time revision of the Battlefest themed battlepack.

Additionally, Battlefield 1 players can look forward to a new map coming in December. Named “Giant’s Shadow”, the free update lets you take part in the Battle of the Selle in 1918, during which an enormous airship crash lands and casts its shadow over the battlefield.

An upcoming Battlefield 1 expansion pack, They Shall Not Pass, is also planned for March 2017