No Man’s Sky Shatters Its Silence, Announces Foundation Update

Hello Games, the team behind this year’s disappointing No Man’s Sky, has finally cast off its silence with the announcement of a new update for the game. Will it be enough to save the game and earn the studio back its reputation among customers? Probably not, but at least the game won’t be quite as barebones as it is at the present.

The game currently holds the reputation of being one of the biggest disappointments of 2016, alongside Mighty No. 9.

The studio states that within the nine weeks since the release of its last bug-fixing patch, the team has been quietly working on the Foundation Update. They claim that it will not be the game’s biggest update, nor its last.

“It is the start of something,” they wrote.

At the present, little is known about the Foundation Update or what it’s set to contain, only that it will “improve the game” by adding the foundations of base building and serve as a foundation for other future updates.

But as to whether anyone will even care about the update remains to be seen.