Mighty No. 9 “Better Than Nothing”, Leaves Backers Unsatisfied


In addition to all the launch issues, the public sentiment on Mighty No. 9 is nothing but a pure circus.

Reviews for the game have not been flattering, and the analysis between Mighty No. 9‘s prototype and final product has left people unsatisfied.

What topped it all off was the livestream done by Keiji Inafune, done in the early hours of the morning as the game was being distributed to the public. “The reality is they put everything into making this game,” Inafune said. ““They didn’t try to microtransaction it out, they didn’t try to DLC it out for extra money.”

ComceptStreamAccording to the other guy there – “So, for now, this is what you see and what you get, for the Mighty No. 9 world. But, again, we can hope that if things go well, there’ll be sequels. Because I’ll tell you what, I’m not getting my 2D side-scrolling fill. And at the end of the day, even if it’s not perfect, it’s better than nothing. At least, that’s my opinion.”

Have a tour of people’s sentiments to the game, now that the journey has finally come to an end.