Could we be ‘Graced’ with another Duke Nukem game?


Is there a possibility of a new Duke Nukem? It seems there is. Randy Pitchford (Gearbox CEO) has hinted at the possibility of something happening next week.

Pitchford responded to a member of the Cog Connected crew on twitter, saying that Gearbox will be making an announcement next week on December 1st during the annual Game Awards. “we are announcing something you might really enjoy”- said Pitchford in his tweet.

The reason for speculation over a new Duke Nukem game, is because the tweet was in response to a joke made about a Gears of War and Duke Nukem crossover.

But whether this will actually happen is only speculation at this point. Gearbox could be announcing something entirely different such as Borderlands 3. Whatever it is, clearly not even Pitchford can contain his excitement for it so let’s hope it’s bound to be good…