Optimism Pays Off for PS4 “The Division” Players

It has been a tough run for Tom Clancy’s: The Division players who have it on Ps4. They have had to stand by and watch as both PC and Xbox One received the amazing 1.5 update. Ps4 players have had to sit and wait in anticipation as to when they might be able to get the update as well.


However, there is a glimmer of hope for Ps4 players. Arekkz explains in the video below that Ubisoft Massive is hoping to put the 1.5 update out onto Ps4 next week Tuesday. Whether this will actually happen, no one is certain yet as this is not a confirmed release date for the update.

Regardless it may be wise for Ps4 and The Division fans to set some time aside next week to maybe see the fruits of their optimism.