You Can Try Out Elder Scrolls Online this week on Xbox One for Free

Elder Scrolls Online

If you have managed to wait for Black Friday to pick up your copy of Skyrim Special Edition, but are itching to get back into the universe, you might want to give Elder Scrolls Online a try.

Starting this week, Elder Scrolls Online will have a free trial exclusively for the Xbox One. Jump into the MMORPG where you and hundres of other players journey through the lands of Tamriel which takes place a 1,000 years before Skyrim begins.

Bethesda is  giving players who try Elder Scrolls Online this weekend 500 crowns to start off with. Crowns are essentially a currency for in-game content like armor, weapons, and potions. However, since the free trial only lasts until 11:59pm ET this Sunday, you better get a move on and download that 80gb title fast. If you manage to enjoy the free trial, Bethesda is lowering the price for the weekend on the Xbox One.

In related news, Director of Bethesda Game Studio,Todd Howard, went on to say that Elder Scrolls 6 isn’t “what you would call a big active project, right now”. This leaves fans with little to no hope, but Howard did note that the game will eventually be released “one day”.