Miyamori is a Beautiful 2D Platformer Inspired by Japanese Folklore

Set in a time of spirits, guardians, and stranger things, Miyamori is Sparrow House Games’ digital tribute to Japanese literature and ancient folklore.


The story revolves around a sacred shrine, which was built with the intention of protecting the land against evil spirits. Guarding it are two magical foxes, Izuna and Gedo. One day, Gedo mysteriously disappears and in doing so, disrupts the delicate balance of the shrine’s protective power.

Elsewhere, a young girl named Suzume has embarked on a desperate search for her brother, Toshiki, who vanishes one summer night while catching fireflies. When Suzume and Izuna’s paths eventually cross, they decide to help each other, and hopefully rid the land of mischievous spirits once and for all.  Players will be able to experience different gameplay styles by alternating between Suzume and Izuna, the latter of whom is capable of shapeshifting and foxfire.

Miyamori’s lead developer, Joshua Hurd, recalls falling in love with the local Japanese folklore during his university exchange to Akita in Northern Japan:

“I’m the kind of person that likes to get to know a place slowly and in detail. I wanted to take all those stories and ideas I had gathered, and make something that people will have fun playing.”

Miyamori is scheduled for release in 2017. Sparrow House Games are also planning a kickstarter campaign, but has put it on hold for the time being. Keep an eye on the official twitter for the latest updates.