New Co-op Survival Mode Announced for Uncharted 4

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted may not be getting split-screen multiplayer, but it will be receiving a brand new cooperative and solo mode, simply called ‘Survival’, which will make its debut to the public at PlayStation Experience.


Survival is a wave-based mode that supports up to 3 players and features hordes of progressively powerful enemies, including Shoreline mercenaries, snipers, hunters, and heavily armed brutes. Every 10th wave will culminate in a fierce boss battle starring new Pirate Warlords, which take inspiration from Uncharted 4’s narrative.

In contrast with the standard multiplayer mode, Survival will also task players with objectives, such as defending particular areas, taking out targeted enemies, and collecting treasures within a time limit. Taking out enemies and completing objectives will earn you in-game cash that can be used to unlock heavy weapons, long guns, and mysticals, just to name a few. A dedicated progression system will also come with the Survival DLC, which allows you to access weapon upgrades, new items, and exclusive boosters.

Another distinguishing feature of Survival will be multiple difficulty levels, mirroring the single player campaign. Players who complete Survival on hard mode will unlock crushing mode.


Uncharted 4 Co-op Survival is due for release mid December.