Final Fantasy XV May Consider Adding More Playable Characters in Future DLC

Luna is just one of the few characters in Square Enix’s upcoming RPG, Final Fantasy XV, who may become playable characters in post-release DLC. She’ll be the only female character (unless they announce other playable female characters) in the game. The main cast consists of four J-Rock looking dudes styled in black leather.

According to DLC producer Haruyoshi Sawatari, three additional character-based episodes are planned for the game post-release, allowing players to take on the roles of Noctis’ friends. There’s also a co-op expansion planned for the game.

Speaking to Jeux Video, Sawatari was asked if they were considering any plans to add additional playable characters beyond the first three, and suggested that he could consider Luna. He responded that it was something they’d think about depending on the game’s reception, and fan demand.

Given that the developer decided to work on co-op mode due to fan requests, it’s entirely possible that if enough people want to play as Luna or another female character, Square Enix would certainly consider it.

Final Fantasy XV comes out on November 29 for Xbox One and PS4. The PC version has not yet been announced.