Newest Pokemon Go Feature Gives More Catch Bonuses


Developer Niantic has now revealed a new feature that gives players a “catch bonus” or earning certain medals.

In the blog post, Niantic details that you will receieve the bonus when you earn medals based on catching certain types of Pokemon: Kindler, Psychic, and Gardener were noted as examples in the past. The bonuses will increase your odds of catching Pokemon of a related type.

“For example, as you reach a higher tier for the Kindler Medal, your bonus to catch Fire-type Pokemon such as Charmander, Vulpix, and Ponyta increases,” Niantic explained.

“Trainers can work their way to a new tier by catching many Pokemon of the same type,” the developer added. “If a Pokemon has multiple types, your bonus will be the average of your bonuses for each type. For example, Pidgey is both Normal and Flying type. Your bonus in this case would be the average of your Normal-type and Flying-type bonuses.”

This feature is listed as “coming soon” to Pokemon Go, but a specific release date was not yet announced.