Mass Effect 3’s FemShep Gets the Anime Treatment by Kotobukiya

BioWare has released a concept illustration of the Female Shepard (FemShep) statue for Kotobukiya's Bishoujo line of anime-inspired Mass Effect characters. 

FemShep Illustration from Kotobukiya's Bishoujo line

Pretty though she may be, Kotobukiya's FemShep has floppy boob armor and looks like she was drawn by someone who's never seen a woman before. The oversexualized looking character may not be what most fans of FemShep have in mind. 

That said, Kotobukiya's FemShep is at least better than any female character Rob Liefeld has ever drawn. It has detailed feet and gloves that don't resemble dinner gloves—always a plus! Oh, and the armor and the M-55 Argus she's carrying look pretty damn detailed. 

Expect BioWare and Kotobukiya to put out statues of Miranda, Liara, EDI and Jack next. (Edit: I'm informed that a Liara statue already exists.)

I'm secretly okay with this.