Nintendo 64 Emulator For Xbox One Has Been Taken Down


Earlier this week gamers started to discover and spread word of a Nintendo 64 emulator that could be downloaded and used on the Microsoft Xbox One console. Unknown to Microsoft and an attempt to stay hidden, the app would only show up on the Xbox One store by searching its name “Win64e10”. As news of this app grew bigger online, attention was brought towards Microsoft and the app has been taken down, though if you were able to download it beforehand, you should still have access to it.

This application would allow gamers to play Nintendo 64 video games right on their Microsoft Xbox One console. While ROMs were required to enjoy the application, accessing them for the Xbox One was also relatively easy through the use of OneDrive.

From what it seems, the emulator was actually in the works for the Windows 10 operating system, but with Microsoft allowing cross-platform support, the emulator was capable of being shared on the Xbox One console.

We’re not sure at this point just who decided to pull the plug on the emulator as Nintendo can be rather picky about their properties. Regardless, the emulator has been taken down and those left with a copy of their Xbox One will not receive any updates to the application itself.

One has to wonder, with the creators of the emulator having relatively an easy time bringing the application to the Xbox One, perhaps we’ll see others do the same thing, but with other consoles such as the original PlayStation.