The Open World of Road Rage Is Explored in An All New Video


Video game publisher Maximum Games has released a brand new video for its upcoming open-world, melee-based combat motorcycle racing game, Road Rage. The video focuses on the massive city of Ashen and the neighborhoods that players will fight to control. Road Rage is set for release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 15th, 2016.

Ashen is an outwardly beautiful city with an inwardly wicked structure. The dangerous underbelly is ruled by motorcycle gangs that prowl its streets. From the city of Chitaly, to the suburbs of Ruscago, to the outer reaches of its Farmlands, players will need to explore, race, and battle for the control of the expansive neighborhoods of Ashen if they want to survive and gain a reputation within their gang.

Maximum Games’ new video takes a closer look at the Story, Environments, and Missions in Road Rage. giving players an overall taste of the mayhem they’ll both wreak and counter in-game. Featuring everything from all out gang brawls to timed races, you will see a preview of the types of missions required for each district on your quest to becoming Club President.

Road Rage features heavy melee-based combat racing wityh 42 story-based missions and over 50 side missions. Reef Jackson is the newest member of the outlaw motorcycle club controlling underground crime in the city of Ashen.

Road Rage is currently in development from Team 6 and will be published by Maximum Games. The game will be available on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One, and digitally on PC on November 15, 2016 for $39.99.

Players who pre-order Road Rage through select retailers will receive the Smash and Slash Pack, which includes two exclusive characters and weapons.

For more Road Rage news, you can check out the Official Website, Facebookand Twitter pages.