No Man’s Sky Composer Confirms First Content Update

Sean Murray and the team at Hello Games has been keeping radio silence since the release of No Man’s Sky was not well received by its buyers. The developers have been urged by gamers as well as publications to end their silence and provide answers about their failure to meet the promises they made for the game, the list of which is vast.

Today, the game’s composer Paul Weir responded to a question posed to him by one of his readers, who asked if new music would be coming in the game’s next update. He responded that there would be no audio changes coming in the patch, but that the studio is currently working on its first content update.

His answer confirms that the studio has been continuously working on the game since its release with the development of new content, more so than simply patching up the game to run properly.

Earlier this month, the studio said that it was working to develop patches for the PC and PS4 but never elaborated on what kind of new content they would be adding to the game. For now, we still don’t know what they plan on adding, but we can only hope that some of the features they promised prior to the game’s release will make it in.