Alan Wake and Quantum Break Devs Now Making Multiplayer Titles


The makers of Alan Wake and Quantum Break have seldom included multiplayer modes in their games, but that’s all about to change with a new announcement the company just posted on its blog.

The studio says that it plans to expand into multiplayer development in their upcoming games, which have yet to be revealed.

“As an independent studio in the highly competitive games business, it is crucial to constantly evaluate and define our direction. We want to keep doing and improving on what we do best: exciting stories, memorable characters, believable worlds and cinematic action,” wrote Remedy’s Sam Lake and Mikael Kasurinen.

“Single-player experience has always been an important focus for us. At the same time, we want to challenge ourselves to find ways to also expand these elements to include cooperative multiplayer.”

Could the next Alan Wake game, if there is one, feature co-op play? We’ll just have to wait and see.

In addition to unannounced games, Remedy is currently working with Korean games studio Smilegate on the upcoming CROSSFIRE 2, developing the storymode.