Nintendo Reveals Pikmin For The 3DS

It was just a few months ago that we got news of Pikmin 4. Fans of the Nintendo owned franchise has been waiting patiently for the next installment for nearly half a decade. While there was news of a Pikmin 4, it seemed that Nintendo had abandoned the project that was until Shigeru Miyamoto decided to give a slight update on the project process.

At the time, Shingeru Miyamoto admitted that Pikmin 4 was still-in-development but had been pushed back due to other projects Nintendo was currently working on. Now during Nintendo’s Direct, we got a slew of news regarding some of the upcoming titles we can expect from the company.

One of those titles was a new Pikmin game, but instead of consoles, the title would be heading towards Nintendo’s flagship handheld, the 3DS. For now, the video game is simply known as Pikmin For Nintendo 3DS and it’s not known quite yet if this is the fourth installment that Shingeru Miyamoto mentioned earlier this year or if this is a new standalone entry to the series.

Regardless, what we know so far is that Pikmin for Nintendo 3DS will be a side-scrolling adventure that will once again star Captain Olimar. This is a big change up compared to the top-down view that the past three Pikmin installments are known for, but again, it’s unknown if this will be a main entry to the franchise at this point.

For now, Nintendo is scheduling a release for Pikmin for Nintendo 3DS sometime next year, 2017.