Final Fantasy XIV Celebrates 3rd Anniversary With More Than 6 Million Players


Final Fantasy XIV continues to invite new players into the world of Eorzea, which now has over six million cumulative players globally, excluding the free trial.

To celebrate this milestone, the Final Fantasy XIV development team hosted a 14-hour live broadcast and invited viewers along for the ride. The broadcast featured the 31st installment of the “Letter from the Producer LIVE” series where producer/director Naoki Yoshida showcased upcoming game content, discussed and addressed fan feedback, and more.

In this particular episode, Yoshida introduced he next patch, Patch 3.4, named “Soul Surrender” which will be releasing on September 27th. This new patch includes new main scenario quests, dungeons, trials, the final stage of the 8-player raid Alexander and more.

A brief recap of the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXI can be at

The third anniversary also continues in-game with “The Rising” seasonal event, a celebration of remembrance, which features fun activities and in-game rewards for players to enjoy. More information about that can be found here.