Upcoming No Man’s Sky Patch Will Fix 90% Of PlayStation 4 Crashes


With every video game release, there are bound to be plenty of bugs that went undetected by developers. These initial first few weeks post-launch has given indie developers, Hello Games, a good indication as to what problems gamers are experiencing with their latest release, No Man’s Sky. Now, we’re finally getting word that a patch will be releasing within this coming week that should fix about 90% of those bugs.

Hello Games released a behemoth of a video game earlier this  month, No Man’s Sky. Before the game even hit store shelves, there have been plenty of gamers interested in getting their hands on a copy. Although, since its release, we’ve noticed plenty of bugs and crashes for the video game that may have been a bit frustrating to deal with.

Now Hello Games has taken to Twitter in order to assure fans that a patch will soon be taking care of about 90% of those issues. According to the series of tweets, Hello Games receives a slew of crash dumps for each time the game crashes on a PlayStation 4 console.

Through these crash dumps, Hello Games have been able to categorize the issues and resolve them. Over the past week, we’ve seen patches released which has slowly begun to fix the errors from the game.

The latest patch that will be coming soon is 1.06, which will fix 90% of those PlayStation 4 crashes players have encountered, but Hello Games will continue to work on the game until they resolve all the issues discovered. After these series of issues are resolved, the developers will turn to more in-game content updates, but just what all Hello Games has planned out for the game has yet to be revealed.

In fact, it was rather recent that Hello Games Sean Murray stated that while they developers intended to deliver free content updates, they very well could release paid DLC. Regardless, it appears that the developers are currently taking their focus more on the process of clearing up the bugs and crashes from the game.