Harley Quinn and Deadshot Arrive in Injustice 2


The Suicide Squad movie has gotten a lot of attention from the public in it’s recent release. Capitalizing on that popularity, Injustice 2 is throwing in Harley Quinn and Deadshot to their roster of hero and villain fighting characters.

Harley Quinn first showed up on the scene in the first Injustice game, to be fair. But as you can see from this new trailer, the comparisons between the new look of the video game character are strikingly similar to the on-screen cinematic counterpart played by Margot Robbie. If you look carefully during the trailer, there’s a brief glimpse at other costume possibilities however. No matter what she’s wearing, you still get the same signature amount of crazy. To compliment that – Deadshot shows up and puts on a hell of a gunshow for his opponents.

Injustice 2 comes out on PS4 and Xbox One in 2017. For updates in the meantime, visit their website, Twitter, and Facebook.