Minecraft Can Now Be Played In VR Through Oculus Rift

If you can recall last year, Microsoft had made mention that they would be partnering up with the Oculus team in order to deliver gamers a Minecraft VR experience. Today, thanks to a post on the official Xbox blog, we are getting word that the video game now supports VR Oculus Rift headsets.

For gamers who already own an Oculus Rift and Minecraft, you will only need to make sure you’re playing with the correct launcher. Before you can enter the virtual reality sandbox world, gamers will need to have the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition launcher, which will grant the actual use of an Oculus Rift headset.

There are a few new options that will be present within the settings such as the ability to use mouse and keyboard or the more likely favorable control scheme of an Xbox One controller. Additionally, there are a number of settings dedicated to the virtual reality gameplay which will allow players to enjoy their VR experience to their specific liking.

So far this is only available for gamers on the Windows 10 platform with the launcher being featured within the Oculus Store. Regardless, if you have all the necessary requirements, give Minecraft a go through VR. You can even see how the development team made Minecraft for virtual reality within the video posted up above.