Slice into Killing Floor 2 in November


Today Tripwire Interactive finally announced their intentions to release Killing Floor 2 this November. What can you expect in the sequel when it drops this Autumn?

In Killing Floor 2, the stakes have been raised. It’s a month after the first game, and the specimen clones have spread across Europe. Civilization as we know it is done for, with the governments and military being defeated and brought to their knees. The people are the last bit of hope left. So civilians and private mercenaries team up in order to push back against these outbreaks.

The gore is bloodier, with a guarantee that limbs and red liquid will be spraying all over the place as you go head to head with the clones. You can take them on alone, or with the help of up to 6 of your friends. If you want a face-off match against your buddies, there’s a 12 Player PVP Survival mode where Humans and Zeds fight to the death. You’ll have an expanded arsenal available to you, from the modern assault guns, to the historical rifles of yesterday, down to the makeshift creations and Mad Scientist creations. To help spice things up, the perk system packs a punch of variety with more play styles and choices to pick from.

Killing Floor 2 releases November 18th for PS4 and PC. For the latest information about the game, check out the website, Twitter, and Facebook.