First Teaser Released For Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Video game films have been a hot topic lately. There seems to be a push to move the comic book film trend and instead, make films based off some of the more popular video game franchises. One of those franchises will be receiving its sixth and final installment next year.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter has its first teaser which was launched within Japan. As mentioned earlier, this will be the sixth and final installment within the Resident Evil film franchises, starring Milla Jovovich with director and writer Paul W. S. Anderson.

The teaser is short and gives a small little recap, but there is some new film footage. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will pick up after the events in Resident Evil: Retribution. Humanity is nearing its extinction and Alice decides to return to where the outbreak all started, Raccoon City.

With the Umbrella Corporation gathering forces to start one last strike against the remaining survivors of the apocalypse, Alice and her team of old friends, along with a new ally, will fight against all odds to save the world from becoming the undead horde.

Please keep in mind that this teaser is directed to Japanese theaters. The film will officially launch outside of Japan on January 27, 2016, not to be confused with the Japanese launch date of December 23, 2016.