Rare Discusses What Sea of Thieves Entails In New Video Upload

Rare has been actively developing a pirate experienced video game called Sea of Thieves. The video game has been shown off in various events such as E3, though gamers still question as to what the game will entail. Now a new series has been started up by Rare with the first video discussing what gamers can expect in their upcoming title.

As mentioned, Rare has started a new YouTube video series called Sea of Thieves Inn-Side Story. The first video features executive producer Joe Neate along with game design director Gregg Mayles as they discuss what Sea of Thieves is about.

According to their conversation, the duo describes what the game is about to themselves. Essentially, gamers can expect to become a pirate legend and partake in whatever they feel like. This could be any number of things such as sailing, fighting, drinking, or just the camaraderie with other players.

There will be quests that gamers can partake in, though just what quests entail are still kept secret. However, it was announced that the game will be always-online in order to work with the game’s MMO gameplay structure.

Regardless, players shouldn’t expect to see a flock of other gamers. Even though this is an MMO, a player might not come across anyone. This was done to let players have fond memories and excitement when they happen to meet another pirate crew and what that may lead to.

Sea of Thieves is slated to launch at some point in 2017 for the Xbox One and PC.