Four New Heroes Revealed for Super Dungeon Tactics

SuperDungeonTacticsNewHeroesHeaderIf you haven’t heard of Super dungeon Tactics up to this point, let me catch you up. It’s a classic RPG where it’s centered around the powers of heroes and using them together successfully in order to win.

The developers over at Underbite Games are beginning to reveal more details about some of the heroes cast, with four recently revealed in the past few days. The four new faces are as follows.

  • Claw Tribe Barbarian: She’s the way to go if you want a full on demonstration of raw power. Not afraid to go full offensive, the Barbarian is willing to sacrifice their own HP for more attack power. She’s also got a mighty whirling attack.
  • Riftling Rogue: The best person to play if you want to get a jab in from behind. They can proficiently wield melee and ranged weapons, but the Rogue is best used for a shadow strike surprise attack.
  • Royal Paladin: You want a tank? You got a tank. The Paladin can captivate the attention of his enemies, drawing opposing forces directly to him. He can also heal other heroes, giving more uses out of him beyond his incredible armor and deadly blade.
  • Royal Warden: This hero comes from a hunter background, making him able to brandish a sword or carry a crossbow all the same. His special ability prevents enemy forces from fleeing, making the first time you face an opponent also their last time.

To read more about these characters, check out the blog on the Super Dungeon Tactics website that talks about it. To stay in the loop with the game, head on over to their Twitter and Facebook. It’s coming out for PC, Mac, and Linux in Fall 2016, according to their Steam page.