Face the Foes of Super Dungeon Tactics

SuperDungeonTacticsHeaderEnter the world of Super Dungeon Tactics. Your guild of heroes faces off against the evil armies of the Dark Consul, in order to save Crystalia. The developers at Underbite Games are hard at work getting this title ready to release this Summer.

The newest reveal from the game’s developers is the enemy types your heroes will come across. There are over 70 unique kinds of opponents, many of whom have their own varying difficulties and personal styles of offense. “Oh sure, you’ve fought a million skeletal warriors before, and it’s fun to smash those creaky bones, but have you faced off against a skeleton who buffs his allies? Feeling brave? Imagine facing off against a horde of skeletons, each buffing the others in the group!,” their blog post says. They have ranks from “insignificant” all the way up to “boss” level labels. The lowly insignificant grunts have little health and only one attack, while the higher levels have greater power and abilities to unleash.


Super Dungeon Tactics at it’s core is a turn based strategy experience, that has a bit of luck and chance thrown into it in order to make sure it stays an exciting challenge. You build up your party of heroes via loot acquired from the main story, plus the additional side quests and bounties that pop up along the way. Each hero has their own ability dice that changes their equipment and battle presence (changing stats, giving them abilities, etc.), and the loot system in itself is the leveling system, so you don’t have to worry about grinding.

If this game seems like the right fit for you – go yonder to Steam and check it out. For all the latest Super Dungeon Tactics updates, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.