Winners of 2017 KontrolFreek Collegiate Esports Scholarship Announced

KontrolFreekHeaderGaming is now helping some students pay for school, as seen here with this eSports scholarship program. Back in April, hundreds of people signed up to apply for the KontrolFreek Collegiate eSports Scholarship. Fast forward to July, now they’ve finally revealed the three registrants who won. The scholarship winners get $3000 to use for tuition and other school related expenses.

Here they are.

  • Daphne Jin: Sophomore at UCLA,¬† League of Legends
  • Eddy Su: ¬†Freshman at University of Washington, League of Legends
  • Noah Pumphrey: Junior at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis,¬† League of Legends and Overwatch

Who exactly is KontrolFreek though? It’s a company that develops gaming accessories for eSports related purposes. They study aspects like comfort, fatigue reduction, and overall ergonomics when designing their product. KontrolFreek prides themselves on increasing accuracy while decreases reaction times in their gear. When it comes to eSports tournaments, they’ve got a whole page on their website dedicated to showcasing people who uses their stuff in competitions. Their scholarship program is another step for the company’s interests in the pastime, who currently sponsor seven different eSports teams.