GTA Online Might Get Biker DLC Update

GTAOnlineBikerLeakHeaderOne of the most popular DLC requests for GTA Online is Biker gang related content. Not only does it fit with the Grand Theft Auto universe in general, but it worked out great as the first Grand Theft Auto IV expansion pack.

According to a recent leak, the wait for this may soon be over. After the release of Cunning Stunts, empty scripts have been found in the GTA Online game code.


The discovery comes via TezFunz, a game code enthusiast who’s able to rip open GTA Online‘s guts and peek around inside. His findings are considered to be probably credible, due to his leaks of the Lowrider DLC, the Rhino Hunt mode, and even the game’s Christmas content.

As stated in the post, “gb” means content related to CEO and VIP missions. Assuming the leak is true, these empty scripts seem to predict how the first steps into GTA Online‘s biker underworld pan out. The lone outlier is the “personal_mod_garage” which according to the “am_mp” prefix means it’s something the player is able to own.

GTA Online is the Grand Theft Auto V online component, released alongside the game as a different sort of experience. Players wander around a dynamically evolving Grand Theft Auto V world where various activities and missions take place. It’s been Rockstar’s primary focus for content releases for over the past year.