Pokemon Go Accounts Are Being Sold Online For Over $100

pokemon go

Pokemon Go has become an unstoppable force that everyone is eagerly backing. Countless generations from those who were witnessing Pokemon in its first form to young children today are playing the hit smartphone application. Now some gamers are making quite the profit from their hard earned work of catching and leveling their Pokemon collection.

We’re starting to see more and more Pokemon Go accounts for sale online through the usual sources such as eBay. What’s more surprising is just how much these accounts are going for, with some even hitting a Buy It Now price tag of $499.99.

These accounts normally come with rare and powerful Pokemon which would have taken a bit of searching and leveling. Now as we pass two weeks since the Pokemon Go application released to the general public, this craze for hunting Pokemon doesn’t seem to be dying down but only increasing in popularity.

Some of these accounts have been picked up and it’s not surprising. There are plenty of Pokemon hunters who, despite their best tries, are unsuccessful in collecting these virtual creatures. This is most likely due to the fact of rural areas are scarce with certain Pokemon compared to big cities.

Now gamers are able to get ahead with the Pokemon Go with an arsenal filled with Pokemon that would normally have been impossible to find in their local area. This will likely dramatically decrease if the development team Niantic cracks down on selling accounts or add in the ability to trade Pokemon in the future.