Insomniac To Involve Their “Largest Team Ever” For PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man.

Marvel's web-slinging hero is hopefully coming to PS4 soon.
Marvel’s web-slinging hero is hopefully coming to PS4 soon.

Insomniac Games has revealed via their Twitter page that their “largest team ever” is working on the upcoming Spider-Man for PS4. Insomniac has again confirmed its previous statement that the “vast majority” of their studio was working on the game.

The hype became real at this year’s E3 when the game was announced, and this detail just adds to the building excitement among fans of Marvel’s web-slinging hero.

Insomniac Games has a fantastic track record already with smaller teams; so it can only be greatly anticipated what will transpire with a team this large. However, the release date for the game still remains a mystery, with not even a release window revealed at this year’s E3.

Gameranx has also covered about what has been confirmed about the game from E3, which includes a teaser trailer as a sneak peek into the game world.