Rocket League Will Add TF2/Counter Strike-Style Crate System


The TF2/Counter-Strike style crate system that will be implemented.

The TF2/Counter-Strike style crate system that will be implemented.

Psyonix will bring a new type of crate system to their hit game Rocket League. This system takes inspiration from Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. An image was discovered by a Reddit user which features a key and crate system.

This will mean that microtransactions will be included. This new system was confirmed by Psyonix vice president Jeremy Dunham. Dunham stated that the crates will be part of an upcoming system that Psyonix plans on implementing in order to “fund esports prize pools and events.” He stated in a reply on Reddit.

The official announcement will be next month or near the Rocket League Championship Series Live Finals, since this is in direct correlation to the event. However, he wanted to clear up a couple of things for the players.

These crates, however will not offer players any extra advantages and are cosmetic-only. They can be hidden with a simple option and will not affect the existing item-drop system. They also will not affect any future updates. There will still be a mixture of premium DLC and free add-ons with new arenas and modes.

Although Dunham himself did not really clarify how the system will work, it can be predicted that, in accordance with how the crates in Valve games function, there will be crates that have a mixture of items. Crate keys much be purchased with real-world money.

Players cannot sell their crates on the Steam Marketplace due to the threat of third-party gambling in games that Rocket League is trying to avoid.

August 6th-7th is the week slated for the Rocket League Championship Series.