Fight for Survival in The Great Whale Road

TheGreatWhaleRoadHeaderAn indie studio known as Sunburned Games is making a historically accurate turn-based tactical RPG called The Great Whale Road.

The Great Whale Road tells the tale of the Danes from Ăšlfarrsted as they journey across the European coasts. This story driven historical game has an overall objective of survival. Summer has you fighting and trading on the whale road, in order to survive the winter. This two season system split puts a focus on resource collection, and politically interacting with friendly and not-so friendly other clans, in order to protect your people throughout the cold winter. The Early Access launch of the game will have a Danish settlement, but there are plans to expand the cultural storylines to include Northumbrians, Franks, and Picts. There are four hero classes: Support, Skirmisher, Heavy, and Assault. Their weapon arsenal can cause bleeding damage, broken bones, and other internal injuries, depending on what’s involved. They’re all going to have their own abilities to use in battle.

The Great Whale Road heads into Early Access on July 28th for PC. But the game’s release is also planned for Mac and Linux. For up to the minute updates on this game, check out their website, Facebook, and Twitter.