Skullgirls Hits PSN and XBLA Next Week

Skullgirls probably won't change the FGC's stance on women, either.

Revenge Labs has announced their downloadable fighting game Skullgirls will at last see release. The title is coming next week to both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade with all the modes and options you'd expect from a AAA fighter produced by Capcom or Namco.

Skullgirls has been warmly recieved by the fighting game community and while I can see it's probably mostly becuase it genuinely seems like a solid fighter, I can't help but think it's also because of this (in my opinion) sort fo creepy fetish-y anime-tinged voyeurism for the way the girls are portrayed.

And it's an observation that I realize I probably wouldn't have had a few months ago. I think the whole "sexism in the FGC' issue and the way the community at large responded to it really left a sour taste in my mouth. It highlighted, for me, that from racy Soul Calibur V flyers to the very existence of Girl Fight, it's a wide-spread issue and it's not new. Naturally, I hope it changes.

Skullgirls is out on PSN, April 10 for $14.99 and on XBL, April 11 for 800 MS points.