New Sonic The Hedgehog Game In The Works?

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Sonic The Hedgehog is, without doubt, one of the most recognizable video game characters in gaming and it’s hard to believe that Sonic will be turning twenty-five years old in July. Sega’s iconic character will have its big anniversary date on July 12, 2016, and it’s curious as to if the next big Sonic title will be announced close to the anniversary date.

One Sonic The Hedgehog fan decided to ask the official Twitter account on just when the next game will be announced and we now have an answer, sort of. Turns out the tweets are a bit cryptic as the fan simply asked the official Sonic The Hedgehog Twitter account how many hotdogs it would take before we’ll know the release date for the next Sonic game.

Turns out the answer is seven hundred and twenty-two hotdogs. However, if you look a bit into the tweet, the next announcement could come on July 22, 2016, as July is the seventh month in the year and twenty-two being the exact date within the month. Although this is purely speculation, but with Sonic having its twenty-five year anniversary within July, surely Sega has something planned for the event.