UPDATE: Fallout 4 (was) Available for Free on Xbox Store


UPDATE (via Wario64): All licenses for anyone who got Fallout 4 for free will not work, and anyone who downloaded it during that time will receieve a $10 credit to their Xbox account.

It came as a bit of a shock Thursday night, when Wario64 on Twitter made it known that Fallout 4 was available for free on the Xbox store at the time. An archive of the Xbox page itself has confirmed the legitimacy of the situation.

It wasn’t long before the link itself was shut down, however.


According to a screenshot made available via XboxMAD on Twitter, Xbox Support said the free deal was not a price glitch, but instead a flash promotion for all gamers.

Reports and reactions have come in from everywhere, unanimously surprised at the event that had taken place. Is this to drum up Bethesda hype for E3? Well it worked. But could this cause people who paid for the game and DLC at full price to get furious? Only time will tell. Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference is scheduled for June 12th at 10 PM Eastern Time.