Industry Insider Talks New BioShock, BioShock Collection, And E3

bioshock infinite

We’re gearing up for E3 the event is right around the corner and news, rumors, leaks, and speculation pieces about the event are running rampant. However, one industry insider that has been popping up online a bit more frequently as the expo inches closer and closer is Shinobi602 who has been rather credible in the past. In a podcast hosted by MrMattyPlays, Shinobi602 talks about BioShock and E3.

2K already has a few video game titles that will be shown off at this year’s E3 such as the latest Civilization title, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI and Mafia III. However, for BioShock fans, it’s curious as to if the new unnamed BioShock title under 2K Marin will be revealed.

Well according to Shinobi602, don’t hold your breath as he doesn’t expect the title to make an appearance during this year’s E3 event. Likewise, the rumored BioShock Collection will also be missing at the event, but the industry insider did make mention that the BioShock Collection is, in fact, real.

Furthermore, Shinobi602 has stated that the BioShock Collection will be put out by the end of the year according to an earnings call by 2K. Of course, even though Shinobi602 has been credible in the past, we’ll have to label these statements as mere rumors until E3 2016 plays out.