Rumor: Bethesda Announcing Remaster During E3


The biggest video game expo E3 is coming up and with it, there are plenty of new rumors and speculations as to what will be revealed. Most often than not, you have to label everything as simply a rumor leading up to the big event, but there are some industry insiders that has been pretty credible in the past. One of those industry insiders was featured in the H.A.M. podcast that talked about what’s to come this year at E3.

MrMattyPlays posted the latest podcast episode on his YouTube channel and Shinobi602 was present. Shinobi602 is an industry insider that was able to state some of the big announcements that will be held at E3, though we’ll still label these reports as rumors.

One of the reports was stated by Shinobi602 is that Bethesda will be revealing a remaster though what exactly the development team will be remastering is yet to be seen, rumors however, suggest it will be a remastering of Skyrim. Likewise, Capcom will be showing off a Xbox exclusive video game during Microsoft’s conference, which very well could be the Dead Rising 4 video game we’ve seen images leaked earlier this week. Additionally, a Prey reboot will be revealed during the Bethesda conference.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of rumors that will be spreading online as we gear closer to the E3 event. There is bound to be more speculation pieces and industry insider details though we’ll have the very latest posted right here on Gameranx.