Failbetter Games Reveals First Five Funded Video Game Titles


Failbetter Games first came into the world within January of 2010. This is a British video game and interactive fiction studio by founders Alexis Kennedy and Paul Arendt. The studio quickly received a number of acclaim awards for their quality of writing and storytelling, although recently Failbetter Games has been known to fund other story driven titles from up and coming development studios. Today, we’re finally learning about the first five funded video game titles from Failbetter Games funding division known as Fundbetter.

Fundbetter offers a way for indie development studios to receive funding in order to develop and release their latest video game, though the catch is that the studio is only funding strong narrative video games. According to a post by Failbetter Games, funding is offered to select video game titles though the development studio will take 50% of the revenue made from the project until their initial investment is filled. From there, the Failbetter Games only asks for 20% of the revenue and suitable credit.

There is a total of five video games that have been funded so far and you can take a look at the select first few video game titles down below along with their official game descriptions.



Voyageur is a literary RPG where you take the helm of a trader-vagabond vessel, looking for adventure, wealth, and answers in an infinite galaxy full of procedural cultures and civilizations.

The Edgelands


The Edgelands is an atmospheric adventure game set in the present day, based on real and imagined folklore.

You explore an uncanny rustic twilight landscape where familiar rural landmarks overlap with otherworldly occurrences, creating a dream-like pyschogeographical blurring of the ordinary and the supernatural.

Astronaut: The Best


Most people think of the space race as a fancy way to kill dogs using explosives. In Flaustria, it is conducted with class. A model astronaut must show sparkling wit, a winning smile, and perhaps a working knowledge of what the spaceship buttons do. In Astronaut: The Best, your duty is to train a procedurally-generated team of deviant screwups into brilliant space heroes, or give the impression of having done so. Anything less, and you will be killed and left in a ditch.

Big Mike Lunchtime’s Business Training ‘95


In Big Mike Lunchtime’s Business Training ‘95, what appears to be a piece of poor-quality corporate training software drags you into a lavishly illustrated nightmare world, where grotesque businessmen constantly savage each other for Deals.

This harrowing and comic adventure will teach even the most timidly non-commercial player that when it comes to corporate despair, sometimes the best way to the light is through the darkness.

Hearts Blazing


Hearts Blazing is a casual card-driven story game for 3 to 5 players who have a love of melodramatic sci-fi series. After generating a fictional setting together, players take on the roles of dynamic but recognizable sci-fi archetypes. Love, loss, betrayal, action, adventure and episodic operatics get packed into a free-wheeling, swift playing 1 – 2-hour romp.