Giant Mechs Assault Just Cause 3 Next Week

JC3FeaturedHeaderThe second part of the “Air, Land, and Sea” expansion pass trinity of Just Cause 3 is arriving soon. Just Cause 3: Mech Land Assault is all about giant Mechs. Gameplay of the upcoming DLC has surfaced ahead of time, if you want to preview what to expect from the content.

Rico Rodriguez will travel to Lacrima, where giant Mechs protect a research base and prison camp. He’ll have the ability to hijack them for himself and use their gravity guns and cannons against the mechs themselves.

The features of Just Cause 3‘s Mech Land Assault expansion are centered around these hulking metal machines. You can pilot two types of Mech and take them wherever you want around Medici. Their “Gravitational Remote Influence Projector” (GRIP) weapon unleashes massive devastation. You want to smash helicopters? You can do that. The DLC also comes with Mech arena challenges to hone your skills, as well as the ability to call in a back-up Mech for extra firepower.

“The new Mechs allow Rico to throw enemies, vehicles and chaos objects around like tennis balls – increasing the scope for physics-based fun. Whether you’re juggling a small car or punching helicopters out of the sky, the Mechs give you the opportunity to mess with your surroundings in creative, explosive ways,” said Senior Producer Tobias Andersson.