Elite Dangerous: Horizons Expands With The Engineers

Elite Dangerous: Horizons is expanding today with the release of its biggest update ever, titled The Engineers.

The Engineers is said to represent a massive expansions of Horizons that focuses on loot, crafting, and a completely overhauled mission system that brings the game up to version 2.1. The game lands alongside the 1.6 expansion for all Elite players.

For those not in the know, Horizons is a special expansion for Elite Dangerous that allows players to land on planets and explore them. Owners of Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons can play together.

The Engineers unlocks new customization options that change the way you fly, trade, explore and fight in the Elite Dangerous galaxy. With bases on planet surfaces across the populated galaxy, each Engineer has a unique personality and history, and they can provide you custom weapons and specialized modules.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Discover the enigmatic Engineers and earn their trust to unlock powerful upgrades for your ship. Roll out in the SRV Surface Recon Vehicle to scour planet surfaces and shipwrecks for materials, or trade, steal and smuggle to make your ship one of a kind.
  • Experience a new degree of customization with unique crafted modules. Forge weapons with unique stats and exotic effects: inflict damage even through shields, knock enemy ships out of control, repair your wingmen in the heat of battle and more.
  • Witness the impact of your actions on the galaxy with the all-new mission board. Missions become more personal, making it easier to build relationships and take meaningful decisions that define who calls you friend and who calls you foe.

The trailer can be seen above.