The Division Update 1.2 Broken – Teleporting and Bugged Inventory


Conflict, the latest update for The Division released earlier this week and Ubisoft has been struggling to address all the issues brought with the 1.2 update patch.

Some of the issues included the daily missions not changing or refreshing, meaning no new rewards available, a broken inventory system due to “Mark as Junk” feature failure and the infamous missing character bug has returned as well.

One of the issues even teleports the player after entering a specific location in Zone 6 of the Dark Zone.

Ubisoft Massive have released the following list of bugs they’re working on for the update.

New with Update 1.2:

[Interface] Double UI Overlay
[Technical] Graphics distortion
[UI] Mark as Junk not working
[UI] Items DZ rank requirement change
[Gameplay] One is None
[Gameplay] DZ06 teleport
Gameplay] Daily missions missing

Under investigation:

[Gameplay] Floating Weapons
[Gameplay] Falling Through Map
[Collectible] Echo Activation / Record
[Incursion] Missing Reward / Incursion
[Item] Paramedic bag
[Mission] Repeating Daily Hard/Challenging Missions
[Skill] Ballistic Shield
[Skill] Mobile Cover status
[Talent] Combat Medic
[Talent] Combat Medic & Smart Cover/Sticky Bomb
[Talent] Vigorous
[Talent] Tech Support & Pulse
[Interface] DZ Rank
[Interface] Uplay Friend Invites
[Connectivity] Disconnection Fast Travel
[Connectivity] Lag / Performance Dark Zone
[Connectivity] ROMEO error on first login
[Technical] CTD / Peripherals