Gamer Has Arm Amputated, Uses Opportunity To Become Cyborg

CyborgFeaturedUp until 2012, biological scientist and avid gamer James Young was just like any of us. But then in 2012 he was pulled under a train in London, and his life changed forever.

But in 2016, the science of the future was able to give James a somewhat normal life. He has a prosthetic arm that looks similar to Snake’s in Metal Gear Solid V. It was built by Sophie de Oliveira Barata, who is a member of the Alternative Limb Project. Both James and Sophie worked together with a team of designers to build the arm’s composition, and then they 3D printed it once the prosthetic was complete.

His bionic arm comes with gadgets too. He has a smartwatch in the wrist portion, and the shoulder section has a personal drone attached to it. But if that wasn’t enough awesomeness, he also has fingers that double as a phone charger.
JamesYoungIf you want to help James Young’s comfort of life, you can check out his GoFundMe page. He’s raising money for osseointegration – a process of attaching his prosthetic directly to his bones with  titanium.

You can follow the robotic adventures of James on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. His website tells more of his story, if you’re interested in reading more about him. If you’re in the UK, you can watch him on a three-part BBC series called Bodyhack: Metal Gear Man.